We live with resilience and responsibility.
We learn by being inquisitive and collaborative.
We communicate with compassion and creativity.

International Christian School Nonthaburi (ICSN) is a growing community that prepares and equips students to be global citizens who live with intelligence and kindness. We provide students with opportunities to pursue excellence in the forms of academic achievement and moral character while nurturing their growth in a Bible-based environment. If you are already living in Thailand or moving from overseas, we would love to tell you what ICSN has to offer in our education programs and student activities.



Mr. Joshua Dezentje

" I desire that my students can be informed, caring, and conscientious world-citizens."

Mr. Matthew Flagler

" Teaching and learning should be fun and interactive. I believe students learn best with positive relationships and if they are invested in what they are learning."

Mr. Daniel Harris

" I want students to learn through experience and hands-on activities.  Promote students to take ownership of their learning and find what works for them.  Science learners need to know how to ask questions, investigate and collect data and make observations, and come up with their own conclusions from their experiences."

Mrs. Bryn Walton

" I want each of my students to learn the value of hard work and I want them to become self-motivated, self-confident learners. "

Mrs. Hannah Parmelee

" My favorite subject to teach is Science. I have really enjoyed getting to see how much my students love discovering all that God has created through hands-on learning. Their desire and excitement to learn have made it even more fun for me to teach. I love all of the fun, creative questions that I get to answer during Science class."

Mr. Garrett Kaufman

" My classroom is modeled around using critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving strategies. We look at a variety of texts and materials in order to learn about an eclectic mixture of topics. Literacy development is the focus of my classes. We also practice writing and grammar so we can express our ideas clearly and confidently."

Ms. Rebecca Van Meerbeke

" Students are interactive learners and so I believe teaching should be an interactive process between students and teachers where both are actively engaged in the learning. Exploring, collaborating, creating, and growing together are all important parts of my teaching philosophy. I am passionate about teaching the whole child, which means caring not only about the academic, but the social and emotional needs of the child as well."

Mr. Daniel Fisher

"  It is my desire that students become life-long learners. I hope that students don't just take the things that I teach and memorize them, but rather they test all of the information that they receive so that it becomes Truth to them. I want my students to fall in love with the process of unraveling the truth. "