We live with resilience and responsibility
We learn by being inquisitive and collaborative.
We communicate with compassion and creativity.

International Christian School Nonthaburi (ICSN) is a growing community that prepares and equips students to be global citizens who live with intelligence and kindness. We provide students with opportunities to pursue excellence in the forms of academic achievement and moral character while nurturing their growth in a Bible-based environment. If you are already living in Thailand or moving from overseas, we would love to tell you what ICSN has to offer in our education programs and student activities. LEARN MORE


Mr. Joshua Dezentje

" I desire that my students can be informed, caring, and conscientious world-citizens."

Mr. Matthew Flagler

" Teaching and learning should be fun and interactive. I believe students learn best with positive relationships and if they are invested in what they are learning."

Mr. Daniel Harris

" I want students to learn through experience and hands-on activities.  Promote students to take ownership of their learning and find what works for them.  Science learners need to know how to ask questions, investigate and collect data and make observations, and come up with their own conclusions from their experiences."

Mrs. Bryn Walton

" I want each of my students to learn the value of hard work and I want them to become self-motivated, self-confident learners. "

Mr. Mark Mundy

" My desire for my students is continuous growth. As a teacher, I cannot force students to learn. Learning is a skill of its own. I hope that I can motivate students, and motivated students will always find a way to learn and grow. Both academically and personally, we are preparing students to stay ahead of innovation and harness the power of technology both now and in the future. The future is changing at exponential rates, and the ones that can stay ahead are the ones that will have the best chance for success. Simply put, growth that leads to success that leads to growth that leads to success. "

Mrs. Hannah Parmelee

" My favorite subject to teach is Science. I have really enjoyed getting to see how much my students love discovering all that God has created through hands-on learning. Their desire and excitement to learn have made it even more fun for me to teach. I love all of the fun, creative questions that I get to answer during Science class."

Mr. Garrett Kaufman

" My classroom is modeled around using critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving strategies. We look at a variety of texts and materials in order to learn about an eclectic mixture of topics. Literacy development is the focus of my classes. We also practice writing and grammar so we can express our ideas clearly and confidently."

Mrs. Cora Howard

" My desire for my students is that they would love to learn. The world is full of books to read, places to explore, and problems to solve. My hope is that my students would take advantage of these opportunities and experience the richness the world has to offer. Learning is more than textbooks, and it brings more valuable rewards than good grades."

Mr. Jordan Vance

" My desire is for my students to grow more comfortable and confident. I want to see my students grow in understanding and in the implementation of that understanding. Most of all I want my students to understand how much God loves them and that it would have a profound impact on their lives. "

Mrs. Jennifer Burda

" My desire for my students is to help them reach their fullest potential. I want them to all KNOW and UNDERSTAND that they are smart. They all have special abilities and are all intelligent in a certain way. Personally, I want my students to know that they are deeply loved by God and myself. That if they work hard, they can accomplish anything."