Kindergarten: K1 - K3

We use the unique Key to Learning curriculum, which focuses on developing children’s learning abilities. This Vygotskian-based approach to teaching is a research-based program that combines intentional, imaginative play and developmental psychology. Our curriculum focuses on developing the cognitive, communicative, and self-regulative abilities of early years learners through focused 20-minute activities that encourage children to be independent learners. 

Construction   Sensory Mathematics    Artographics    Expressive Movements    Mathematics    You+Me+World
Develops mathematical and goal-directed behavior. Children analyze the structure of objects, plan, explain their plans, and execute them using modular building blocks.   Develops the ability to analyze the external, visual qualities of objects using sensory standards such as color, shape, and size. Builds the foundation for the development of mental abilities.   Cultivates the essential skills required both for writing and creative artistic expression. Develops “art vision” and introduces different symbolic tools, composition, rhythm, and color.   Develops emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication skills, creativity, and productive imagination through body movement, gestures, facial expressions, and music.   Using visual models, children discover the language of mathematics and the concept of measurement. They compare different quantities and qualities of objects and explore the relationships of “more, less, equal.”   Using symbols and visual models, children learn about themselves as physical, emotional and social beings. They investigate the natural and material world (living things and inanimate objects).











Areas of Focus