We are thankful that at ICSN we can provide different enrichment courses to our students. We believe that learning content and skill sets out of the traditional core subjects gives students a chance to develop their personal skills, make friends in a new context, and become more confident communicating in groups. These supplementary subjects and areas of focus aid in the development of self-esteem and confidence, which ICSN affirms are elements in the bedrock of happy, successful individuals.



Physical Education (PE) is a required class for G1-G12 to help students be fit and healthy through exercise, sports, and teaching about health. Secondary students can supplement with specific sports electives like volleyball or yoga. 


Art is a required course for Elementary students; they learn the basic principles of art with numerous projects throughout the year. Secondary students can elect to study advanced fundamentals of drawing, ceramics, painting, etc.


Elementary students learn basic music theory, singing and learning about new instruments on a weekly basis.  Secondary students can sign up for advanced classes focused on choir or playing instruments in class-specific bands.


Information Communication Technology (ICT) is for all G1-G12 students; lessons are designed according to grade levels. Class topics range from digital citizenship, basic robotics, visual communication design, and digital content creation.


Kindergarten, Elementary, and Secondary students have the opportunity to study Chinese Language Arts, alongside Thai and English, in hopes they become confident polylingualists prepared to engage with the international community.


Speech Communications is for Secondary students only. It's a class that helps strengthen speaking skills and builds confidence in language abilities. Students are instructed in how to give effective presentations, interviews, and proposals.


Intro to Pogramming is only available for our G10-G12. High school students learn the process of designing computer programs and how to use common types of code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).


Though both Elementary and Secondary students may go to the Library at any time, G1-G5 specifically have a class period to learn how to access materials and properly use resources. Our Kindergarten students have their own library with books for their level of reading skills.


As a Christian school, weekly chapel takes place for all students according to their grade levels. Teachers will share lessons from the Holy Bible, as well as mentor students in their understanding of personal faith and establishing morals.