High School

Secondary: G9 -G12

The Secondary high school curriculum builds upon the middle school curriculum in further developing our students’ knowledge of the core subjects and further developing their critical thinking skills. The math textbooks are Algebra 2 by Glencoe, Advanced Mathematics (Pre-Calc) by Glencoe, Statistics by Cengage, Calculus by McDougal-Littell and Business Math by McGraw-Hill. Science classes are based on lessons in Biology by Glencoe, Chemistry by Glencoe, Principles of Physics by Thompson Books and Global (Environmental) Science by Kendall Hunt. Aside from grammar exercises and research papers, the English classes for G9-G12 students emphasize higher level reading comprehension by using the textbooks Literature by Glencoe, as well as various novels.

G10-G12 students may also apply for enrollment into advanced placement classes, depending on their transcripts and teacher recommendation. Our current College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses available are as follows:


  Course Subject(s)


  AP Biology


  AP Chemistry


  AP Calculus AB & BC
  AP Physics 1
  AP English Literature & Composition

In Secondary school during the high school years at ICSN, students will have a range of courses available to them within the core subjects. No matter what track they take, all high school students develop and master certain skills or practices as summarized below.


Areas of Focus