General information

FAQs & Guidelines

What is your school year?
Our school year consists of two semesters from August to December and January to May. Our major holidays periods are similar to other international schools in the greater Bangkok area.

Does my child have to wear a school uniform?
While we encourage wearing school uniforms (which are available to purchase through our office) for safety purposes, we do not mandate children must wear one in order to attend for the day. We want our young students to be excited and happy to come to school, so they can choose what they would want to wear within the school dress code.

What if my child has a food allergy?
If your child has a food allergy, please inform the school office. ICSN cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free environment, but will take every precaution to ensure your child is not offered ingredients that may trigger the allergy. We will accommodate all children as best as possible but you are encouraged to provide a snack or lunch for your child if this is a high concern.

How big are your classes?
We maintain a class enrollment size at a maximum of 20 students. Each class has one Foreign teacher and one Thai co-teacher. Depending on the age range of the grade level, additional nanny support may also be in the classroom. 

Are your teachers qualified?
All our teachers have (at minimum) bachelor degrees, have undergone background checks and possess experiences related to education and/or early childhood development. Our teachers also embody integral qualities to help your child develop and learn. They are attentive, collaborative, nurturing, passionate and thoughtful.

Do the children take a nap at school?
Yes, the children take naps at school up until the first semester of K3. Second semester of K3, children will no longer take naps in preparation for their entrance into Elementary (primary) school. 

Are parents allowed in school?
No, we have a closed campus policy to maintain current health and safety precautions. These measures are not meant to be an obstacle to school-family partnerships though! Parents are welcome to make appointments through the office if they want to meet with the principal, class teachers, or see facilities. 

How soon will my child learn English?
Your child will learn English at ICSN; however, our concern is not with how quickly they learn English, but with how fully and effectively they can both learn and communicate in English.  The first goal for our students is to let them develop an understanding about themselves and how the world works, building confidence and the ability to clearly express themselves. This process takes time and each child has their own pace. All students will learn to communicate in English, but what’s important about this approach is that your child is not only learning to speak a language, but also developing a deeper understanding of communication.

Do you have sibling discounts?
Yes, we offer sibling discounts. Please see our Tuition & Fees page for scholarship details.

Does my child need to be toilet trained before joining school?
No, we do not require your child to be toilet trained before enrollment.  Our goal is to not pressure a student and add stress to parents. When your child is ready to toilet train, we support the parents in this process and work together for your child to feel successful.

What is your school year?

2 Semesters:
August – December
January – May

How big are your classes?

We maintain a class enrollment size at a maximum of 20 students. Each class has one Foreign teacher and one Thai co-teacher. Depending on the age range of the grade level, additional nanny support may also be in the classroom.


An aspect of the Parent and Community Engagement (PACE) office is to support current parents/guardians with questions they may have regarding the everyday operations of the school. However if you have a behavior or curriculum related concern, we would recommend you first contact your child’s homeroom or subject teacher.

Admissions & Enrollment Information

When should I submit my application?
Applications are accepted all year round. The school tuition and fees are prorated depending on your child’s start date.

Will my child be assessed to enter the school?
After reviewing your application, you and your child will be invited to an interview with the School Principal. Through interactions and a natural conversation, the School Principal will get to know you and your child better to see if ICSN and your family would be a good fit.

Do you accept children with special needs?
ICSN is an inclusive school community welcoming children from all backgrounds. In consultation with a qualified Special Educator, we consider the application of special needs children on a case by case basis. We can accommodate learners who would benefit from socialization in a school setting, but cannot provide qualified rehabilitation or therapy services.

What are the enrollment ages for grades and birthday cut-off dates?

Grade Levels Age of Enrollment Birthday Cut-off Dates
K1 (Preschool) 3 years old October 1st
K2 (Pre-kindergarten) 4 years old October 1st
K3 (Kindergarten) 5 years old October 1st

How does grade placement work?
ICSN reserves the right to determine the proper placement of new students. In consideration of the grade request on your child’s application, we will use related assessments, interviews, and student records (when applicable) to ensure that students are properly placed where they will be successful.

My child is coming from a different school system, how do I apply for a grade?

ICSN US/Canadian UK Thai Singapore China
K1 Preschool Nursery Anuban1 Nursery Lower Kindergarten
K2 Pre-Kindergarten Reception Anuban2 Kindergarten1 Upper Kindergarten
K3 Kindergarten Year1 Anuban3 Kindergarten2 Pre-Primary

What happens when there are no open seats available?
Applicants who cannot be enrolled due to lack of space in a grade level will be placed on a waiting list. A member of our admissions team will contact you when space becomes available.