Student Services


At ICSN we offer quality services to our students to ensure they have healthy, nutritious meals that keep them focused and ready for learning. We work with Epicure, a professional catering service, to offer balanced, delicious lunch and snack options. There is also a selection of treats in our onsite refreshments shop.


We provide outsourced shuttle service through Montri School Bus, if your child needs transport to and from school. Check with our front office to see if your home location is along one of the routes! Each private bus has accompanying assistants that ride along to help ensure your child’s safety during travel.




We care about the safety and well-being of our students, which is why ICSN employs professionals through MyNurz to staff our Nurse’s Office to provide evaluation, treatment and basic first aid for the range of health concerns that may occur during the course of the school day. This is a service available to all students, teachers, and staff. The school nurse may occasionally teach lessons on health safety and personal hygiene, as well.


We have in-house staff to help maintain the neatness of our classrooms and facilities, but also schedule contracted cleaning services to sanitize and disinfect all areas of our campus to guarantee a healthy environment for our students. Along with daily cleanings, we regularly disinfectant school classes, offices, playgrounds, and common areas.